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INM holds meeting with US Border Patrol to discuss migrant flow

Mexico City, Mexico — A meeting between the INM and American Border Patrol was held to join efforts in favor of migrants along the common border. The meeting was held within the framework of the X Summit of North American Leaders being held in Mexico City.

The commissioner of the National Institute of Migration (INM), Francisco Garduño Yáñez, met with authorities of the Border Patrol of the Office of Customs and Border Protection of the United States to endorse the commitment by safeguarding the rights of migrants who enter and transit through Mexican territory.

The leaders of Mexico, the United States and Canada will address, between other topics, the migratory impact in this region.

Commissioner Francisco Garduño stated before the Border Patrol authorities that the INM will maintain communication, collaboration, and coordination of efforts, following the precepts of Mexican legislation and international standards.

This, he specified, implies guaranteeing a safe, orderly and regular migration with a humanitarian vision and the protection of the rights of people in a context of mobility, regardless of their nationality, social, political or economic condition.

He considered that given the vulnerability of those who arrive and are concentrated on the border of both nations, aggravated by the climatic factor, it is imperative to double the actions on both sides of the Rio Grande to reaffirm governability and migratory governance.

The flow of migrants through Mexico to the U.S. is a topic both President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Joe Biden have agreed to discuss during the X Summit.