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INAI orders Fonatur to present Maya Train supervision contracts

Mexico City, Mexico — The National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) has ordered Fonatur to reveal its Maya Train project supervision contracts.

The government agency says that procurement is a fundamental task of governments because through it, goods and services are offered and guaranteed to the population in addition to the public resources used, so there are no excuses to hide contracts.

“The infrastructure project called the Maya Train is under the scrutiny of society, and proof of this is the growing number of requests for information made by citizens through the National Transparency Platform, of which, at the moment, has of 4,616 requests as well as 18,622 records of public information.

“The interest of the population is fully justified since it is necessary to know that the public resources allocated for this execution are responsible and according to the established purposes,” said Commissioner Norma Julieta Del Río Venegas.

The INAI specified that a request was made for Fonatur Tren Maya, SA, de CV to provide the business names of the companies contracted by them to carry out project supervision tasks as well as the amount of the contracts, validity and status in which they are found, broken down by each of the 7 sections of the project.

In response, Fonatur Tren Maya, SA de CV through the Subdirectorate of Nautical Scales and the Subdirectorate of Comprehensive Port Administrations, reported that there is no information related to the request since they have not signed contracts for the supervision of the project.

Fonatur has suggested that public inquires be submitted directly to them at the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism.

After the Fonatur response, an appeal was filed with INAI (Instituto Nacional de Transparencia, Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos Personales).

The Commissioner said that resolutions issued by the Institute appeal to the principle of maximum publicity, so “we consider it very important that this megaproject have open information, public information that is delivered and made available to citizens.”