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Holbox receives first of tourists, reaches maximum capacity

Holbox, . R. — After months of suspended activities, the first tourists to Holbox were received. Holbox Hotel Association president Bárbara Hernández Ramírez made an open invitation to the public to visit the island after activity was shut down for four months due to the pandemic.

Hernández Ramírez said the first tourists to the island arrived, reaching the current allowed maximum 30 percent occupancy rate, adding that she hopes that rate will gradually improve so that by December, they will be at 50 percent.

“The island is beautiful, the sand is clean, I am happy,” he said noting that following the new health protocols and recommendations of the Secretaries of Health and Tourism, the island has revealed a new hotel, “because we cannot put vases in the rooms, nor cushions. Now nothing is put on restaurant tables until diners arrive. It changed our lives and it feels very strange, but we have to get used to it,” she said.

“You have to be patient and follow the rules to avoid a relapse,” she stated saying that people have to learn as we go. “Reservations are still open, although not all hotels are operating,” so she recommends visitors check before traveling.

“He who has money, let him go out and consume what is local. Come because everything is precious,” she added. The island has remained Covid-19 free and has implemented strict access protocols to all who enter.