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Holbox beach vendors relocated to designated street areas

Holbox, Q,R. — The town of Holbox is ordering the removal of beach vendors to ensure those sandy areas are only for the enjoyment of beachgoers. Island authority Manuel Escamilla García reported on the new strategy that will not only see the vendors removed, but also licensed.

Escamilla García says the island’s vendors must be licensed to offer the products they intend to sell. He clarified they are not against the vendors, but only intend to have beaches be without issues and for the enjoyment of residents and tourists.

He explained that the once-beach vendors have been relocated to streets where people who want to buy from them can do so. He pointed out that the relocation has been gradual since the vendors invaded the beaches which made some people uncomfortable.

Escamilla García said that sellers who do not respect the provision could be subject to a sanction.