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Governor clarifies for now, only warnings to those who do not comply with health protocols

Chetumal, Q.R. — Governor Carlos Joaquín says that the new sanctions, which include fines and up to 36 hours of jail time for those who fail to comply with the mandatory heath protocols, will not yet be applied. During a televised broadcast, the governor explained that even though the new laws have been published in the Diario Oficial, only warnings will be issued, at least, for the time being.

He made the clarification after the announcement of the red epidemiological light for the south, adding that with that, local media have said sanctions will be applied for noncompliance. The clarification was made after state government spokesman Carlos Orvañanos Rea announced the heavy sanctions.

In a pubic address, Orvañanos Rea said sanctions would be applied “to the person who opposes or interferes with the functions of the health authority and to the people who in default, object to comply with the provisions of the health authority thereby causing a danger to people’s health,” adding that “it has to do with the announcement made by the governor of the red light from July 15 to 19 in the southern zone.”

He also said that “it is important to clarify to the population and the media that the return to the red light does not imply total confinement. An opening of 15 percent in hotels, restaurants, tourist sites, theme parks, golf courses as well as real estate activities, is maintained,” he explained.