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Food aid still being delivered to those affected by severe June floods

Costa Maya, Q.R. — Governor Carlos Joaquín says that he continues with support for the families affected by the severe June floods and runoff caused by tropical storm Cristóbal.

“In Mixtequilla, Chancah Derrepente and NohCah, in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, we delivered food support. We will continue to be vigilant,” he wrote on social media. He says since the flooding, the state government has supported those affected with food, drinking water and shelter, meeting their most pressing needs.

The State Civil Protection Coordination, led by Adrián Martínez Ortega, explained that although most of the water has receded, there were two areas where water has remained stagnant, forcing residents to leave.

“From Mixtequilla to Chan Santa Cruz, the water is one and a half meters high, and from Chan Santa Cruz to Petcacap you cannot cross it,” stressed Martínez Ortega.

State Coordination of Civil Protection reports that more than 11,450 food baskets have been delivered along with nearly three tons of meat and more than 8,300 liters of water. Other staples being delivered include beans, corn, diapers, blankets, sheets and personal hygiene items as well as cleaning products, clothes and mouth covers.

The government reports more than 7,800 families were affected in 88 communities across four municipalities.