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FGE reports trio arrested for fraud charged with human trafficking

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Three people arrested earlier this week for fraud have been formally charged. The two men and one woman who were arrested Monday in Playa del Carmen have been charged with human trafficking and identity theft.

In a news brief, the Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reports their day in court resulted in the charges after they were found asking for donations for an organization for which they did not belong, and without the organization’s consent.

The FGE says María P, José C and William E will remain in prison during their criminal proceedings. The trio were taken into custody after a complaint reported them in the company of three minors asking for money on behalf of an organization.

While the organization is real, the request for donations was not, nor was their use of the organizations logo. The three minors located with the adults have been taken into protective custody.