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FGE reports investigation into death of man in Playa del Carmen police custody

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The FGE has reported the beginning of an investigation after a man in police custody died. The incident happened Saturday night. Playa del Carmen police responded to the 911 report of a violent altercation inside a private home in the Zazil-Ha neighborhood.

The report was made by the wife of the homeowner Roberto N, who said he heard noises outside his house when when an unknown individual suddenly entered his home by smashing through a window. Once inside, he began violently ransacking the home and causing additional physical injuries to himself.

Responding officers proceeded to arrest the intruder. When they arrived at the Playa del Carmen police facilities, an on-site doctor recommended the man be taken to hospital for stitches for his head injuries. A medical unit was requested, but failed to arrive. Officers then loaded the man back into their police unit and began transporting him to hospital, but along the way, he died. The medical examiner was then called.

Through a statement it was reported that the police officers who participated in the arrest of the now-deceased have been interviewed by the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) in order to determine responsibilities. Further information has not been provided.