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FCP authorities issue public warning of circulating counterfeit bills

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Police in Felipe Carrillo Puerto have issued a public advisory as to the circulation of fake currency. Fake Mexican peso bills have been used recently to pay for goods and services in the municipality. The counterfeit bills have been used to pay for both private and public services.

On Wednesday, the General Directorate of Public Security of Felipe Carrillo Puerto issued an alert about the circulation of counterfeit bills found in the town.

Through a statement, the Dirección de Seguridad Pública Tránsito y Bomberos de Felipe Carrillo Puerto reported “to all the inhabitants of the Municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, the General Directorate of Public Security puts its inhabitants on notice.

“That events of transactional operations involving the purchase of products and payment of public and private services with counterfeit money (fraudulent bills) have been detected.”

The statement goes on to say that those using the fake money are out to “obtain undue profit to the financial and/or economic detriment of people,” and remind the public that doing so is illegal and a form of fraud.

Authorities are reminding businesses to verify the authenticity of paper currency through a visual examination of images, paper characteristics, symbols and numbers as well as other security features printed by Banco de Mexico.

In December, Crime Prevention Liaison of the Public Security Directorate of José María Morelos, Natali Colli Chuc, issued a public alert regarding counterfeit bills.

Colli Chuc reported at the time that several 200-peso bills were found circulating in the municipality’s town of Dziuché.