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Family confirms identity of body found in barrel in a Cozumel back yard

Cozumel, Q.R. — The father of the woman who was found stuffed into a plastic barrel in Cozumel has confirmed her identity. Juan Manuel Dzul has confirmed that it was the body of his 29-year-old daughter that was found inside the blue drum.

The blue drum was located in the back yard of a private property in mid-February. Police were notified of the finding on the night of February 14. The plastic barrel was buried in the back yard and concealed with potted plants.

Police arrived at the San Miguel home along 35th Street South to verify the report. Inside the blue drum was human remains. At the time of the discovery, police did not speculate as to who the remains could belong to, however, local media reported they could have been Leydi Noemi, a woman missing since November of 2020.

After DNA testing, Mr. Juan Manuel Dzul, her father, was notified that the body was that of his daughter. He posted the confirmation Tuesday on social media.

“I thank all those who helped by sharing the publication for her search…she has been found and she will receive the Christian burial that every human being deserves to have,” he posted.

Cozumel mayor Juanita Alonso has also said that according to the information received, the remains corresponded to the missing young woman.

Leydi Noemí Dzul Domínguez was originally from the state of Campeche. She was reported as missing November 3 of 2020. She was 29 at the time of her disappearance. Her boyfriend at the time is said to be a suspect in her murder.