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Entry of cold front results in small vessel port closure

Holbox, Q.R. — Strong winds caused a temporary navigation closure to small vessels in Chiquilá and Holbox Monday with the arrival of Cold Front 32.

José Luis Ibarra Rojas, head of the Port Captaincy, announced the closure to smaller vessels with the entrance of the 32nd cold front. He said it was precautionary and that they were waiting for the climatic conditions to improve.

The small vessel closure meant tourism providers and fishermen were unable to hit the high sea due to strong winds and waves that developed from the arrival of the cool air.

“It certainly affects their activity by not having production and, therefore, resources to support their family, but we cannot risk the physical integrity of more than 600 fishermen from Chiquilá and Holbox who are dedicated to this activity,” he said.

The ferry crossing from the port from Chiquilá to Holbox, and vice versa, was not affected.