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Embassy of Mexico in Ukraine will continue to function says Ebrard

Mexico City, Mexico — The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, says there are no plans to close the Mexican embassy in the Ukraine.

“The embassy assured that it will remain. We do not plan to move, close or evacuate. The Mexican embassy will continue to function normally,” he said regarding the growing tension between the Ukraine and Russia.

“We would not make any decision unless it was in grave danger. (…) Today that is not the situation,” he said at a press conference.

The foreign minister specified that in Ukraine, there are 96 registered Mexican families with whom he maintains communication for required support.

Ebrard reiterated that the government of Mexico respects the integrity of Ukraine and is committed to a “peaceful process” that would help resolve the growing tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

“We support the call made by the Secretary General of the United Nations in favor of a peaceful process that allows them to resolve this conflict.”

“Mexico will continue to support the positions it has in the United Nations consensus, the resolutions that we have supported in past years, which in short is, and respect for the integrity of Ukraine, that the corresponding political processes are established,” Ebrard added.