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Ejidos block road to Holbox in protest of unpaid CFE rights

Holbox, Q.R. — Another road block by angry Ejidos had local government officials on scene Sunday. On instructions of Governor Mara Lezama, the Secretary of Government, Cristina Torres, addressed concerns of the Kantunilkin Ejidos in relation to unpaid CFE rights.

During her in-person meeting with the group, Torres proposed the creation of a negotiating table to request an appointment with those responsible for making decisions at the CFE.

President of the Ejidal Commissariat, Víctor Pech Moo, said they have agreed to a 15-day period to provide the necessary documents regarding the payment of compensation for the use of land.

The group of Ejidos want the CFE to pay them the rights to use their land where poles have been placed. They also want payment for the right of passage for the new submarine wiring that will supply the island of Holbox with power.

Their Sunday morning road block along the Kantunilkín-Chiquilá highway, which lasted several hours, created chaos for those trying to access the Port of Chiquilá to cross to the island of Holbox.