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Driver, passengers robbed on Cancun bound PlayaExpress

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The search continues for two men who robbed a PlayaExpress driver and its passengers. The assault took place early Tuesday morning at a highway stop outside a hotel.

The man, acting as a passenger, boarded the van where he then assaulted the driver and robbed passengers. He demanded the driver drive while he robbed the passengers of their possessions. The armed man then fled the unit, hopping into a waiting vehicle being driven by an accomplice.

The PlayaExpress van was heading toward Cancun at the time of the attack. The driver and passengers told police once the man was on board the van, he pulled out a gun and demanded money and valuables, however, he seemed to be in a hurry since he did not rob everyone.

He then demanded that the driver drop him off at a specific location, which is where he got out and into a waiting Tsuru car that had been following.