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Dozens of Chetumal dogs injured and missing due to holiday fireworks

Chetumal, Q.R. — Dozens of dogs were reported missing and / or injured in Chetumal over the holidays due to fireworks. Rafael Rivero Aburto, who heads the animal association Toda Vida es Importante, said of those reports, one dog also died.

He said the missing reports, injuries and one death were due to fireworks in private yards over the holiday season. At least 28 dogs were reported missing by their owners after fireworks were set off.

One dog was killed during Christmas due to private out-of-control fireworks set off by home owners. He says that while the sale of fireworks are illegal, people still manage to buy them and light them without respect for their animals.

He explained that dogs are sensitive to noise and that fireworks upset and frighten them, causing palpitations, tachycardia, panting, salivation, tremors and respiratory failure, which can lead to the death of an animal.

He detailed that eight dogs were injured trying to get away from the fireworks while at least a dozen have been reported as missing after running away.