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Director of tourism says Holbox reopening to tourists, free of Covid-19

Holbox, Q.R. — The director of tourism for Holbox says that the island will reopen to tourists July 1, adding that Holbox remains free of Covid-19 infections.

Juan José Calixto, Director of Tourism and Ecology for Lázaro Cárdenas, emphasized that the island is free of coronavirus cases, this being a favorable point, offering peace of mind to tourists who have expressed an interest in including it as a destination.

He says that as of July 1, all hotels must report their reservations for the day to the municipal tourism coordination. The measure, he explained, is a way to gradually regularize the number of tourists on the island, correcting irregularities and opening job opportunities to locals and nationals.

He also stated that non-established lodging centers who work with host platforms must approach town hall and register with the municipality to guarantee the safety of visitors.

As of July 1, most of the island’s hotels will be available, he mentioned, adding that the tourist police will play a key role in monitoring beaches, ensuring healthy distance and public hygiene practices. In turn, hotels and restaurants must maintain the cleanliness and sanitation measures.