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Criminal complaints filed against Intelligencia México for interrupting Cancun garbage collection

Cancun, Q.R. — Two criminal complaints have been filed against Intelligence Mexico for the conflict over garbage and its failed concession. The city of Cancun has filed one criminal complaint for the current blockade of the sanitary landfill being carried out by operators of the Intelligencia México concessionaire.

This is in addition to the complaint filed by Red Ambiental, the current concessionaire, who also filed a complaint for the same reason. They say the blockade does affect its operations since going to the landfill now takes four hours instead of one.

The general secretary of Cancun City Council, Flor Ruiz Cosío says that the garbage collection service is normal since they are using an alternative access to deposit the city’s collected garbage.

Flor Ruiz Cosío said that on several occasions they tried to discuss the matter with Intelligence Mexico, but currently, it is only proceeding through legal channels due to the issue of the blockade and the intervention of its concession.