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City Council says Cancun garbage collection service operating

Cancun, Q.R. — The Benito Juárez City Council reported that the garbage collection service is operating on a regular basis throughout the municipality.

“We are aware of some unsuccessful attempts to affect the operation of the company that is currently in charge of the collection service, which is only an attempt to affect the public,” the city said in a statement.

Cancun City Council said that the city pays 730 peso per ton of waste, “a market cost similar to the collection in other entities,” adding that it was “the best economic proposal that was presented to this mayor’s office and which does not represent an extra cost for citizens.”

“This option was accepted by Siresol after guaranteeing the complete operation and capacity of the service. It immediately began with more than 60 trucks and enough personnel to cover the 112 routes, providing a better collection service throughout the city,” their statement clarified.

Cancun city council also highlighted that the process involving the company that had the garbage collection concession and the city’s council, “is being carried out in accordance with the law and through the corresponding legal instances.”

It also specified that the municipality has no debt with the company Inteligencia México since it has complied with all payments established.