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Cozumel supermarket suspended for violating healthy distancing protocol inside and outside of store

Cozumel, Q.R. — The mayor of Cozumel is reminding island businesses to abide by municipal rules during the COVID-19 epidemic, noting that city officials have a zero tolerance policy.

Municipal president Pedro Joaquín, called on island businesses, warning them that the present administration will not tolerate companies who fail to comply with the sanitary measures. He explained that during an operation by the Directorate of Civil Protection, a supermarket was closed for failing to take measures to prevent crowding, both inside and outside the store.

He says the business was suspended for ignoring healthy distance measure. “It is not time to relax sanitary measures,” he said adding “I urge you to continue to respect the hygienic and healthy distance provisions, as well as the call to stay at home until otherwise indicated.”

The warning came after a Walmart chain Bodega Aurrerá was suspended for failing to comply with the current sanitary measures. Civil Protection director Héctor Mac stated that through an operation, they detected that the sanctioned supermarket was not complying with sanitary protocols inside or outside the establishment, which are part of its responsibility.

Due to the lack of protocols, they proceeded with the closure of the business. He pointed out that they will not lower their guard in the application of sanctions to essential and non-essential island businesses that fail to abide by healthy distance measures.

Pedro Joaquín pointed out that he continues to hold meetings with various sectors and authorities of the state government to be able to resume activities soon. To gradually reactivate the local economy, as established by the plan of the new normal and recover from the economic crisis.

“We are working comprehensively with the business sector, tourism service providers and with the state government to reactivate our economy soon, but if health protocols are violated, all our work will be put at risk and we will not be allowed to reactivate . Those who violate sanitary measures will be punished according to the law,” he warned.