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Cozumel road repairs set to begin July 12

Cozumel, Q.R. — A plan to repair the island’s potholes is underway and will likely take approximately a month-and-a-half. Pedro Joaquín Delbouis, mayor, says that a meeting with William Conrado Alarcón, the State Secretary of Public Works resulted in a plan of action to repair the holes on island roads.

He admitted that the plan was in response to Governor Carlos Joaquín González, who instructed the State Secretariat of Public Works to begin work to address the ruptures now that tourism has begun again. He says on the list of repairs are holes at the height of Playa Bonita on the eastern side of the island and, mainly, the hole located on Avenida Rafael E. Melgar at the height of Playa Caletita.

“The tourist reactivation is underway with the arrival of cruise ships, which represents a benefit that, little by little, will reach the community and that is why we must attend to the flow of vehicles and people on Rafael E. Melgar, the main tourist avenue of the city,” said Joaquin Delbouis.

The mayor also mentioned that the affected areas also provide access to water and electricity as well as loading docks for island supplies.

William Conrado Alarcón added that work will begin on July 12 after CFE and CAPA studies are carry out to determine a way to make the repairs without affecting community services.

He says the work, once started, will take about 45 days, adding that Civil Protection and Municipal Transit will be in charge of closing the roads, which would consists of a section of Rafael E. Melgar Avenue in both directions for vehicles and pedestrian traffic, but without obstructing Miguel Aleman Avenue entrance to the loading dock.