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Cozumel mayor-elect says she will diversify the island’s economy to depend less on cruise ships

Cozumel, Q,R, — Cozumel mayor-elect Juanita Alonso Marrufo has said that during her term, she will prioritize diversifying the island’s economy so as not to depend solely on cruise ships. Her comments came after the arrival of the first cruise ship to the island in 15 months.

She said while they will continue to serve cruise tourism, which is very important, it cannot be the only industry for Cozumel. She says that she will work on attracting overnight tourism.

“We must diversify the economy. The pandemic has shown us that we cannot depend one hundred percent on cruises. We will seek to continue attracting overnight tourism which has a greater economic impact.

“We have to fix cultural identity, use it as a development factor, take advantage of the culture, the gastronomy that we have,” she said during an interview with Radio Fórmula adding that “we, the municipality, have been hardest hit by the health crisis.”

Alonso Marrufo also said that the people of Cozumel voted for her on June 6 because they did not want to continue with the current government.

“They know me. I am from a traditional Couzmel family, very involved with local traditions and customs who ask for a close and transparent government where there is no room for corruption,” she said.

She also said that her priority, once she begins the mayor position in September, will be to restore security in all colonies and sectors, one of the greatest requests of the people during her campaign.