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Cozumel receives first cruise ship in 15 months with four more expected

Cozumel, Q.R. — After 15 months of inactivity the first cruise ship arrived at the island of Cozumel. On Wednesday, a Royal Caribbean ship arrived after setting sail from the Bahamas June 12. Aventures of the Sea docked at the island carrying 1,068 passengers who spent the afternoon before carrying on with the remainder of their 7-day cruise.

Governor Carlos Joaquín was at Cozumel for the arrival of the ship.“Despite the challenges that we have all experienced due to the pandemic, I must recognize the spirit of the community to work on better and more reinforced health protocols and best practices of sustainable tourism that allow us to resume these trips,” adding that “they are a great step for the reactivation of the island and the Caribbean for the benefit of all.”

“I am pleased that little by little, we are realizing the three challenges that we set as a government in the pandemic. The first is undoubtedly to save lives, the second to recover jobs and the third, to reactivate the economy,” he said.

Joaquin explained that when the ship docked, passengers were divided into two groups, vaccinated and non-vaccinated, noting that 95 percent of passengers were vaccinated. He said there were about 150 people without vaccines, which included children under 12 and those with health conditions.

In Cozumel, health officials were on site to give antigen tests before getting off and on the boat.

“We continue to work with local businesses, tour operators, shore excursion providers and vendors, not only to align with health and safety measures, but also to develop new experiences and opportunities for guests and drive economic growth,” he added.

State and municipal authorities and company representatives agreed that the total reactivation of the sector will take time, but it will be achieved thanks to joint work for the benefit of the community.

Cozumel mayor Pedro Joaquín Delbouis said that “today we reaffirm the commitment to work together for tourism to consolidate a model that allows us to get the best face of Cozumel and the best face of our island before the world to generate greater tourist influx and, therefore, more employment and more opportunities.”

“We are acting with great responsibility. We faced the economic and tourist crisis generated by the Covid-19 Pandemic, and thanks to each and every one of the sectors that today are committing to that with their tourist vocation and professionalism, we can move toward what is already a fact, tourist recovery.”

The director of State Tourism Promotion Council, Darío Flota Ocampo announced that in the coming weeks, four more cruise ships are expected to arrive at Quintana Roo ports, adding that passengers and frequencies will gradually increase.