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Cozumel marinas change administration hands

Cozumel, Q.R. — There has been a change of administration in the marinas of Cozumel marinas with Asipona replacing Apiqroo. The change took place Friday as Administración del Sistema Portuario Nacional (Asipona) replaces Apiqro with the disappearance of Fonatur, the National Fund for Tourism Promotion.

According to Miguel Alonso Marrufo, the Director of the administración Portuaria Integral de Quintana Roo (APIQROO) in Cozumel, the Administration of the National Port System (Asipona) is now in charge of Marina Cozumel, Marina Fonatur and Caleta.

“When Fonatur disappeared at the national level, the assets they had were dispersed to certain entities. In the case of the navies, it was given to the Asipona administrators.

“On the island it happened from day one of this year,” he said adding that Asipona made a statement so that marina users can obtain the information needed to carry out their procedures.

“We have already had talks with the new administrator’s staff and on behalf of Apiqroo, so we will begin to provide them with the documentation so that they have in their files the information of all the vessels that use that area and everything that entails a change and delivery-reception process.

“This way, any issues that arise in the Marina Cozumel and Marina Fonatur can be attended to,” he noted.

He said that there are currently hundreds of boats that using the Cozumel and Fonatur Marinas.

Cozumel marinas change administration hands
The marinas of Cozumel are now administered by the Administration of the National Port System (Asipona). Photo: Fonatur

Alonso Marrufo said this week, he anticipates a meeting with boat owners from Caleta so they can work on an agreement. He said the change of hands is still underway even though legally, the change occurred at the beginning of January.

Since the start of January, the Cozumel Marina and the Fonatur Marina have been under the control of the Administration of the National Port System (Asipona), a federal body based in Progreso, Yucatan. It is now this body that boat owners will pay their marina rental fees.