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Cozumel man reported for public disturbance wanted for murder

Cozumel, Q.R. — Police in Cozumel detained a (spider) man who was caught attempting to enter Carnaval armed. On Monday night, island officers who were patrolling the parking area were notified by a person of a disruptive man in line to enter a Carnaval concert.

He was reported to police not for being armed, but for being a public disturbance. When police went to the line, “they visualized a male person wearing a superhero suit”.

According to Cozumel Police, the 28-year-old “superhero” was under the influence of alcohol and causing disruption to others in the line. When they ran his identification through Platform Mexico, they learned he was wanted for murder.

Cozumel Police reported that 28-year-old A.A.I.L. had an outstanding arrest warrant for homicide. He was lead away and transferred to the State Attorney General’s Office.