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Cozumel counts over 320 turtle nests already this year

Cozumel, Q.R. — Already this year, more than 320 sea turtle nests have been found along Cozumel shores. Mauricio Hiram Martín Mendoza, the Deputy Director of Ecology reported that as of June 13, along the 20 kilometers of the San Martín turtle camp, there area 322 nests.

He says of those nests, 103 are green turtle and 219 loggerhead. He also said more than 200 turtle eggs have hatched and made their way to the sea. “In addition, so far in the 2021 sea turtle season, 284 little loggerhead turtles have been released naturally,” said the head of the Department of Ecology.

Mauricio Martín is reminding people to respect the nesting sites and avoid removing the marking stakes in the sand.