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Costa Maya sugarcane producers starting season early

Costa Maya, Q.R. — Cane producers in the Costa Maya region plan to start a little earlier this season. According to Evaristo Gómez Díaz who heads the Local Union of Sugarcane Producers, production will begin a month earlier than normal.

He says they are hoping to increase their sugarcane harvest by producing 1.9 million tons this season. Diaz says normally, they begin in December but are going to start early to deal with possible climatic setbacks, since last season, they did not meet their harvest goal due to poor weather conditions.

“We are already working for this 2022-2023 harvest, which will start in the first week of November. We are looking to start a month ahead to avoid losses. We have an estimate of around 1.9 million tons of production for this 2022-2023 harvest,” he explained.

This figure, he said, was what was set for last year, but due to poor weather, it was not achieved. Instead, they counted losses while the cane remained in the field.

“It was a complicated harvest. We had canes left in the field, but we had a production of 1,774,000 tons,” he said.

Last year, Mexico ranked seventh globally for sugar cane production. The upcoming 2022/2023 sugarcane harvest for Mexico is forecast at 6.3 metric tons raw value (MMT-RV).

Veracruz is the top sugarcane producing state in Mexico, accounting for around one-third of national production, followed by the states of Jalisco and San Luis Potosí.