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Construction of new Puerto Aventuras health centre begins

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — The head of Solidaridad says Puerto Aventuras will have a modern Health Center to reduce lag.

Mayor Laura Beristain says she continues to advance the town of Puerto Aventuras with the implementation of public work projects, verifying the progress of the construction of the second Health Center that the town of Puerto Aventuras will have.

In her report, she said her government will invest more than 8.5 million peso for the construction of the second center. She elaborated that the project will include a parking area, ambulance access, reception with a waiting room and five spaces for external consultation where specialized medical services will be offered in psychology, nutrition, dental office and preventive medicine (vaccination) along with a general office.

The center will also be outfitted with a pharmacy, an emergency area with observation, a shock room and a nursing center, as well as spaces for staff with toilets, dressing room, kitchenette and dining room. A warehouse for Hazardous Biological-Infectious Waste (RPBI), a service patio and a septic room will also be part of the facilities.