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Company requests change of land use for Tulum housing project

Tulum, Q.R. — A land use change to construct a housing development has been made to the Ministry of the Environment in Tulum. A request for change of land use from forest to urban has been submitted to carry out the housing project Pueblito.

The request has been presented before before the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), which requests the change of land on 8,402 m2 of a 12,500 m2 plot. The land is located in Lot 002, Mza. 004 on 9 South Street, next to the Cancún-Tulum-Chetumal highway in the municipality of Tulum.

If approved, the project will consist of 75 homes distributed in eight windmill-shaped modular buildings with a lobby-access building on the main facade. Each home will have a parking space and parking for visitors. The completed project will also consist of roadways, parking and landscaped areas.