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Commissar of Cozumel Ejidos warns about fraudulent land sales

Cozumel, Q.R. — The Commissar of the Ejido Villas Cozumel is warning people about the fraudulent sale of land on the island. Ejido Commissar Emilio Novelo, says people should be aware of the sale of land being offered through social networks.

He explained that the sale of Ejido land is fraud since their alleged owners are not authorized to sell the plots of land. Lands belonging to the Ejido are not meant for construction, nor for subdivisions.

The laws that govern Ejido land means they are meant exclusively for agriculture, livestock and cultivation, not housing.

He acknowledged that they know of Ejidatarios who profit from the property by dividing it further and offering the land as lots for housing construction, which, according to the laws, cannot happen.

Emilio Novelo said they do not approve of the irregular land use, or of those who attempt to make use of the land through fradulent sales. He stressed that those trying to sell Ejido land have irregular possession and do not have the corresponding documentation issued by Ejidal authorities.

“A wake-up call is being made to potential buyers so as not to fall into fraud or other crime due to ignorance of the agrarian laws,” he commented.