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Chetumal man clarifies he was a victim of robbery not kidnapping

Chetumal, Q.R. — A man reported as being kidnapped in Chetumal Monday was the victim of robbery. State Secretary Cristina Torres said that after the robbery, the victim made a statement clarifying that he was robbed.

Video began circulation Tuesday on the Monday night incidnet that was caught on the victim’s home security cameras. As he parked in front of his home and began to unload items, a car pulls up.

Someone from inside demands money, at which point the victim ran. Two youths, one of which was armed with a handgun, began to chase him. While he was being physically assaulted on the street, another youth appears, enters his car and grabs a handfull of items before fleeing into the waiting vehicle.

The victim is a Teqroo Magistrate Sergio “D”, who in his police statement, said that his attackers did not know who he was. It was simply a random robbery. While they did force him into their car and drive off with him, it was to steal his personal valuables including his watch, necklace, wallet, cell phone and cash.

According to Torres, in his statement, “(The magistrate) says that at no time did the people who attacked him threaten him, they only asked him for money and things,” she specified.

Once handed over, he was released. The time stamp on the home security camera showed him ‘missing’ for almost two hours, however, he said his attackers abandoned him near a park and it took him a long time to walk home.