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Chetumal could have its first public vet hospital

Chetumal, Q.R. — The state’s capital city of Chetumal could see its first public veterinary hospital. City Council is reviewing a proposal presented by Councilor Santiago Aja Vaca of the Environment Commission, to create a veterinary hospital in the city of Chetumal and thereby help reduce the number of stray dogs and cats through sterilization.

Aja Vaca says that with this type of veterinary hospital, people could also adopt an already sterilized animal and help curb the overpopulation problem where, he says, there are around 30,000 street dogs.

“Hence the need for a public veterinary hospital. We are in the phase of analyzing the place where we are going to install it, which would be on land outside the city but with enough space both for the hospital infrastructure and to guarantee the adequate treatment of dogs and cats in free areas,” he explained.

If approved, the public vet hospital would also offer low-cost veterinary care, adoptions and pet training, boarding and daycare services. Aja Vaca says the proposal has been under review for years, but next year, the 2023 budget could have the resources needed.

He said that in 2019 when the state of Quintana Roo passed the Animal Welfare Law, municipalities became obligated to have animal centers to ensure the adequate treatment of stray animals, as well as to facilitate pet care for low-income families.