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Capsized pontoon forces more than a dozen into Bacalar lagoon

Bacalar, Q.R. — A dozen people were forced into the Bacalar lagoon Sunday after their pontoon took on water and capsized. The vessel was seen by other boaters keeling over on several occasions before finally taking on enough water to flip.

Around a dozen on board the tourist pontoon were forced to jump into the lagoon as their boat capsized. Other boaters came to help after watching the 3:00 p.m. incident. Emergency 9-1-1 also responded after several reports were made regarding the sinking vessel.

Elements of Civil Protection were sent in to help in the rescue of the group who found themselves stranded in the middle of the lagoon. While winds were strong, vessels were not off-limits to the lagoon Sunday.

State Civil Protection did post a brief note on the public incident that happened on the Bacalar lagoon Sunday afternoon.

“The State Coordination of Civil Protection Quintana Roo reports that the emergency bodies rescued the crew of a boat that sank in the Bacalar lagoon safely, after receiving the request for support through the emergency number 9-1-1.”

Photo: Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Quintana Roo March 17, 2024.

An exact cause for the capsize is not known. No injuries were reported.