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Cancun taxi driver arrested for kidnapping already had outstanding arrest warrant

Cancun, Q.R. — With the help of city surveillance cameras, police in Cancun were successful in locating a vehicle alleged used to kidnap a man. The kidnapping was reported Sunday night after a 27-year-old man was forced into a Cancun taxi.

Once in the taxi, he was physically assaulted by another man already inside. During the attack, the man fought back, causing the driver of the taxi to crash into a metal light pole. The driver and the other man fled the area, leaving the victim bleeding.

Police found the victim walking in SM 517 after he left the scene of the crash in SM 518. The victim, identified as Efrain N, told police he was picked up on Cancún Avenue. Once inside the taxi, he was physically assaulted at which time he fought back, managing to kick the car’s steering wheel which lead to the crash.

With the help of city cameras, police were successful in locating the crashed taxi and those from inside. After a review of their identities, police were alerted that the driver of the Cancun taxi had an outstanding arrest warrant for rape.

He was sent to hospital for medical attention, but under police custody. The victim was transferred to the State Attorney General’s Office for a declaration of facts regarding the incident.