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Cancun joins Global Entry program with U.S.

Cancun, Q.R. — As part of the celebration of 200 years of bilateral relations between the United States and Mexico, both countries promote the Global Entry program. On Tuesday, the Caribbean Business Coordinating Council (CCE), in coordination with the United States Consulate in Mérida, promoted the Global Entry program, which facilitates the registration of international passengers between countries.

Cancun Mayor Ana Patricia Peralta says that the government of Cancun is committed to promoting tourism and business to advance in the construction of a modern city that responds to present and future needs.

U.S. Consul General in Mérida, Dorothy Ngutter with Quintana Roo Governor Mara Lezama. Photo: CGC March 14, 2023.

With the presence of Governor Mara Lezama and the U.S. Consul General in Mérida, Dorothy Ngutter, 150 applicants were received for the new program which offers benefits of expedited entry and exit to the United States as frequent and reliable travelers.

“It is a pride and an honor that we have these interviews of the Global Entry program in Cancun because it reflects the trust in our citizens as well as the coordinated work between the authorities of the United States and Quintana Roo,” Peralta said.

She assured that this opens a window of opportunity to increase the flow of tourists and business travelers between Cancun and various destinations in the U.S. in addition to being a clear sign that Cancun and the U.S. are strengthening ties of brotherhood.

Dorothy Ngutter, Eduardo Martínez González, Mara Lezama and Ana Patricia Peralta. Photo: CGC March 14, 2023.

President of the CCE of the Caribbean, Eduardo Martínez González, expressed his gratitude for working in coordination between these two governments and also recognized that of the more than 30 million passengers received at the Cancun International Airport, 60 percent are Americans. He said that every effort is made to make it easy for visitors to cross.

Peralta reported that remote interviews for Global Entry last approximately 15 minutes. People who can participate in the program must be a U.S. national or legal permanent resident in the United States as well as a citizen of Mexico, Argentina, India, Colombia, Panama, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and South Korea and have a valid passport.