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Cancun Hotel Association says investigation needed into claims of 44 Covid-positive tourists

Cancun, Q.R. — President of the Cancun Hotel Association says an in-depth investigation is needed into the 44 Argentine tourists who, their government says, returned from Cancun Covid positive.

Roberto Cintrón Díaz, head of the hotel association, says an investigation is needed without ruling out the possibility that the group may have bought false results to be able to travel. He says that an investigation into what happened should have taken place before accepting the assertion made by the Argentine government, since it generates information that stands out and serves to discourage tourism.

“You have to take into account what they have told us all, that the incubation period is seven days. How is it possible that they do a negative test (to board the plane) and in nine hours, as soon as they arrive in Argentina, they already test positive?” he has asked.

The “window” of time regarding the testing shows that they were likely infected as soon as they arrived, or that they were already infected beforehand.

“If there is an issue of corruption, the authorities must correct it because if it happens to us with Argentina, it can happen to us elsewhere,” he added clarifying that he is not accusing people of buying a false result, but cannot rule out the possibility.

COVID-19 tests are outfitted with a QR code to prevent them from being falsified, but journalistic investigations and public complaints show that the false tests are offered for sale with the code.

His questioning came to light after the Argentinian government said 44 out of 149 students returning from a graduation trip to Cancun, returned with positive antigen tests.