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Cancun cyclist killed after being hit twice

Cancun, Q.R. — A Cancun cyclist died Thursday after being hit twice by vehicles. The accident happened around 10:20 a.m. when a man riding a bicycle was hit from behind by a public city combi. That hit caused the bicyclist to be thrown from his bike. He landed on the road where he was immediately hit by a pickup truck.

Police responded to the report of the accident along 135 Avenue in SM 527. When they arrived, they located a deceased male laying on the road face down. A woman who witnessed the accident told police that he was initially hit by a public transport combi, which knocked him off his bike. However, while he was on the ground, a pickup truck that was behind the combi ran him over.

The driver of the combi, 46-year-old Luis N and the driver of the black pickup truck that ran over the cyclist, 35-year-old Jose N, were both arrested.