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Cancun combi driver suspended 6 months for overcharging passenger

Cancun, Q.R. — The driver of a TTE combi in Cancun has been suspended of his job after he overcharged a passenger. The passenger reported the overcharging practice of the Transporte Terrestre Estatal (TTE) driver to authorities for charging a higher rate than that authorized by the city of Cancun.

“The operator of this unit has been penalized for overcharging with a 6-month suspension. Operators of the public transport service in general are urged NOT TO CHANGE CURRENT RATES, since the fines for fare changes are serious From 151 to 700umas or 13’000 to 60’000 pesos according to Art 198 of the law of mobility incido C. (UMA is $ 86.88 pesos),” detailed the Cancun delegate Bibián Dzul Castillo.

The cost to use the public transport service aboard a combi is 10 peso and, according to the report issued by the taxi drivers union, the driver was charging 20 peso on October 7, due to “the disaster” of Hurricane Delta.

“We are in recovery after hurricane Delta. At IMOVEQROO, we will not allow any operator to abuse the needs of users. We will sanction operators and concessionaires in the severest way that the law allows,” added Dzul Castillo.

The practice of charging more is not new. Both public transport drivers and taxi drivers around the region are notorious for overcharging passengers during disastrous events as well as during holidays such as New Year’s Eve where fare fees are often doubled or tripled.