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Cancun cenote to be closed after body of man who went swimming not found

Cancun, Q.R. — A Cancun cenote will be permanently closed after the search for a man came up empty handed. Antonio de Jesús Riveroll Ribbon, director of Civil Protection in Cancun reported that it has been a week, and after days of searching, the body of the man who went swimming has not been found.

The cenote, which is located in Region 255, has a concrete wall surrounding its permiter. De Jesús Riverol says that completely closing it would avoid more tragedies since it is not suitable for swimming.

The official said that they have already spoken with other agencies such as the Department of Ecology and Parks about using signage to officially make the cenote off limits. He noted that particular cenote has a narrow opening and steep walls, a cavernous with a depth of 90 to 100 meters.

“Since the water is not level with the surface you have to jump down. It’s what people generally do even though it’s dangerous,” he said.

Talks of permanently closing the ceonte came after a man was reported swimming inside last week. His family told authorities that he had entered the cenote for a swim and failed to emerge.

After days of searching, Cancun rescue personnel were unable to locate the body of the adult male.