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Campos announces more legal complaints for irregularities in last administration

Playa del Carmen, Q. R. — Mayor Lili Campos has announced the finding of new irregularities in the 2019 public account. During a weekly meeting, she said that the Playa del Carmen City Council will file three additional complaints in the course of this week.

She detailed that the first will include embezzlement, acts of corruption, illicit use of functions and criminal association that represent a possible patrimonial damage of 1.2 million peso.

The irregularity, she said, is the consequence of the hiring, by the administration of Laura Beristain Navarrete, of a mobility strategy analysis service without supporting documentation and or an invoice.

“Another of the complaints, also for the crime of embezzlement, acts of corruption, illicit use functions and criminal association, represents a possible property damage in excess of 2.8 million peso as a result of expenses on December 31, without there being evidence of the services provided,” added Campos.

The third is for possible property damage of 1.8 million pesos due to the legal and organizational structure of the municipality without supporting documentation.

Another complaint for more than 2.2 million has already been filed which was supposedly invested in the acquisition of paintings, although there is no record or graphic evidence of its application.

“The analysis that we have carried out so far estimates that the possible property damage could amount to 335 million peso,” said Campos.