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Camar of Cozumel sends 28 tons of tires for recycling

Cozumel, Q.R. — More than 28 tons of old tires have been removed from the island of Cozumel for recycling. On Monday, the Centro de Acopio de Materiales Reciclables (Camar) reported shipping the mass of old rubber to a recycling plant in Tabasco.

Head of the Collection Center for Recyclable Materials (Camar) of Cozumel, Francisco Abad Vázquez, said the tires were shipped off to Macuspana, Tabasco, where they will be used by the Geocycle plant.

He said Camar still has 80 tons of tires that need to be shipped for recycling, a project, he says, that is in progress.

Vázquez explained that by Camar taking on the old tires for recycling, they stay out of the island’s landfill, which means an extension of its life and less urgency to designate another area for garbage.