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Bacalar Lagoon search and rescue mission turns into search and recovery

Bacalar, Q.R. — After a 16-hour search, a recovery team in Bacalar found the body of a missing man. The unnamed man, who was a military soldier on his day off, went missing after swimming in the Bacalar Lagoon.

He was with other people at the time of the incident Sunday. A search and rescue team began looking for him, however, they were not successful in time. His body was eventually discovered floating in the Canal de Los Piratas.

Due to the bad weather, it took the recovery team several attempts to remove the body from the canal. According to reports, the people with him say they were all swimming when he suddenly disappeared. They tried to find him but could not.

Civil Protection personnel and local boatmen were part of the initial search and rescue mission for the man, which eventually turned into a search and recovery mission.