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Bacalar flooding so extensive, Lagoon of Seven Colors tours temporarily unavailable

Bacalar, Q.R. — Rising waters from runoffs of recent heavy rains continues to affect Baclar with severe flooding. More than 50 nautical tourist providers remain unable to reopen due to the rising waters in the Lagoon of Seven Colors, despite the change in the state’s epidemiological color.

The entire region has suffered extensive damage due to rising water levels that has created massive flooding across farm land, residential streets and even the popular Laguna de los Siete Colores, where authorities have posted notices that the lagoon is off limits for swimming.

Every dock around the lagoon is completely submerged by water due to flooding from heavy rains that have continued to pound the region during the month of June, making it impossible for visitors to board vessels for lagoon tours.

Governor Carlos Joaquín has visited the area to see the extent of the damage himself. He acknowledges “we have new floods in the Noh-Cah and San Andrés towns in Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Water runoff continues to cause damage. We are already working to help affected families through Quintana Roo Civil Protection in coordination with the Secretary of National Defense and the Secretary of the Navy,” he noted about the Maya Zone.

Civil Protection have verified the extremely high water levels in the lagoon, noting that the rain runoff continues to drain into this area of southern Quintana Roo, overflowing the entire region. The municipal government is urging local entrepreneurs to restrict nautical activities so as not to put people at risk, asking them to wait for several more days until water levels drop.

Area residents say it has been more than 20 years since these water levels have been seen in Bacalar, which authorities say has caused more than 3,000 families to abandon their homes, which were left underwater.