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Authorities warn they will continue to dismantle illegal operations on Cancun beaches

Cancun, Q.R. — After the recent demolition of buildings and the seizure of material assets at Playa Delfines, the FGE says that authorities will continue to dismantle illegal operations along Cancun beaches.

State Attorney General Oscar Montes de Oca says that they will continue with operations in the beach areas of Cancun in order to guarantee the safety of visitors. His warning came after complaints filed by Fonatur resulted in orders for evictions and the recovery of property.

He says they will continue the battle against those who are illegally exploiting the federal zone. This, after a recent operation in Playa Delfines where aside from knocking down illegal buildings and seizing material items, police also arrested 10 people.

It was the first time police made arrests during a Cancun beach raid. “In other operations there had been no detainee, but now there are two people related to these crimes,” he said.

Of those arrested last week from the Playa Delfines operation, eight are being held on drug and firearm-related charges while the other two have already been charged with selling drugs.

This year, Playa Gaviota Azul, Playa Tortugas, Langosta and Marlyn have had Cancun authorities out to demolish illegal structures and seize material beach assets. Oscar Montes de Oca says their intention is to recover the image of the beaches so they are safe and enjoyable for everyone.

He noted that it is not a secret that organized crime operates from the beach areas, stressing that coordinated work from the citizen security table has resulted in them being able to recover the spaces that were illegally taken over.