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Authorities dismantle jungle mega-lab worth $700 million USD in market product

Quiriego, Sonora — The Secretary of the Navy has dismantled the largest clandestine drug lab found in years. The mega-lab was discovered in dense brush in the town of Quiriego, Sonora on February 8.

The clandestine mega-lab, as they have called it, was used for the production of synthetic drugs. The Navy says it is the largest seized during the current administration and also represents more than 50 percent of the drugs and precursors seized during the current year.

It was located, neutralized and destroyed by naval personnel, which was made up of six drug generation points. On site, authorities seized approximately 41,310 kilograms of finished product and 12,705 kilograms of chemical substances that would produce 54,015 kilograms of methamphetamine.

Likewise, 72 reactors, 102 condensers, 32 centrifuges, three vehicles, two motorcycles, a trailer and miscellaneous material were also sezied. Before this event, the largest laboratory was found in Sinaloa and was made up of 13 reactors.

The jungle mega-lab was found and dismantled February 8, 2024. Photo: La Secretaría de Marina

In their statement, they reported that the 54,015 kilograms of methamphetamine could have constituted 1,350,375,000 doses of methamphetamine, which would generate a cost in the market of more than $700 million USD, producing an economic impact on organized crime for the same value.

Authorities say the end market product would have been worth $700 million USD. Photo: La Secretaría de Marina February 8, 2024.

It should be noted that, so far this year, a total of 73,520 kilograms of methamphetamine and a total of 141,470 kilograms of precursors have been located, disabled and destroyed.