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Authorities declare Puerto Morelos ready for summer vacation

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The seaside town of Puerto Morelos says it is ready for the summer vacation season. Miguel Cámara Ruiz, the Municipal Secretary of Sustainable Tourism, says they are anticipating an 85 percent hotel occupancy rate.

Cámara Ruiz says that Puerto Morelos is reporting excellent numbers this year in terms of visitor arrivals in winter, Easter and long weekends. He says a high number of national visitors and also foreigners, mainly Americans, Canadians, Europeans and South Americans, have been arriving.

“Tourists come to experience the best adventure destination in Mexico, according to the World Travel Awards, and are attracted by the Ruta de los Cenotes, the Great Mesoamerican Reef, the beaches, gastronomy and the atmosphere of tranquility and the warm treatment that the people of Puerto Morelos provide to the visitors,” he explained.

He says that service providers expect a significant upturn, mainly in nautical activities, in the more than 20 parks on the Ruta de los Cenotes and in the demand for service in the gastronomic sector, which has been given a strong boost in this administration.

The boosts are expected thanks to the thousands of tourists who will arrive at the hotels of this tourist destination, to which will be added those who arrive at the homes of relatives and friends, he explained.

In addition, the beaches of Quintana Roo are forecast sargassum free for the upcoming 2023 summer season.

The 2023 Summer Vacation Operation will be launched with the participation of the National Guard and state and municipal police as well as the Mexican Navy and Civil Protection, whose elements will reinforce surveillance and security on roads, beaches and concentrated tourist points.

Guillermo Morales López, coordinator of Civil Protection in the municipality, explained that the surveillance operation will be launched in which, in accordance with the protocols, joint efforts are made and work is done in close coordination with the Secretariat Public Safety and Transit, Firefighters, Navy and National Guard to guarantee visitors a peaceful stay, which will start after the last day of classes.

“Unlike the Easter holiday season, we will seek to enable, with the support of the Navy, three bases to expedite emergency care in order to guarantee and protect the lives of local and foreign tourists, as well as the population,” he said.

He explained that the summer holiday vacation season covers six weeks and that during those weeks, the days are longer with sunlight until at least 7:00 p.m. He says the extended days means a physical challenge for personnel and an administrative challenge for the Coordination.

Additional lifeguards will be on beaches and Public Security and Transit will deploy ground-based personnel and install random filters at the points with the highest influx of beach goers. Security tours will also be carried out tours with ATVs along beaches such as Ventana al Mar, Bahía Petempich and El Cid.