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Authorities arrest 10 Cozumel fishermen for poaching

Cozumel, Q.R. — Elements of the Mexican Navy report the arrest of 10 fishermen for poaching in Cozumel waters.

In a statement, the Secretary of the Navy explained that they were carrying out surveillance tours when they observed two small boats in the vicinity of Punta Venado. Upon inspection, officials were provided with a permit allegedly from the the Movement de Regeneración Nacional saying they were authorized to sustenance fish, however, Navy personnel found both vessels were unregistered and those aboard were without fishing permits.

The Secretary of the Navy noted that each boat was carrying five crew, were without fishing permits, safety and navigation equipment. They were also without radio communication and approved dispatch from the Port Captaincy.

The Secretary said the 10 were escorted to shore for poaching and violating the current state and municipal health restrictions due to the coronavirus epidemic. When the two boats reached shore, the group allegedly attempted to flee, however, elements of the National Guard were on site and able to catch and arrest all 10 men.