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Another kidnapping victim freed by Cancun police

Cancun, Q.R. — An unidentified female was released from her kidnappers Monday by Cancun police. In a brief, undetailed statement, the State Attorney General’s Office said that a woman, who was being held captive in a house in Region 260, was freed.

The FGE did not say how long the woman was held or how she was kidnapped. They did, however, identify two men who they arrested during her release. The FGE of Quintana Roo reported that during her release, two individuals identified only as José G and Luis C were taken into police custody.

Two arrested for alleged kidnapping of woman in Cancun

Only two days before, the FGE also freed a Cancun woman who was kidnapped along with her son. Police were successful in locating the woman after she managed to call emergency services for help.

She was located inside a home in SM 101 where police also found the body of her deceased son. The pair were taken against their will after meeting with people who said they were interested in buying a truck they had listed for sale.