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AMLO thanks US President Biden for 2.7 million vaccines

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says that the United States government has agreed to send 2.7 million AstraZeneca vaccines to Mexico. AMLO says that thanked the President of the United States, Joe Biden, for the decision to help the country.

López Obrador says that with the vaccines being sent by the United States, there are enough doses to complete Mexico’s vaccination plan.

“The United States government has decided to help us and will send 2.7 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine. I especially thank President Biden because I discussed this issue with him for two months when we had a conversation from Monterrey, and I asked him to help us with doses of vaccines.

“On that occasion, he told me that he was going to analyze whether they could support us. Later, in the last conversation we had on the phone, we discussed the issue again and both parties agreed to analyze and respond to the request.

“This has already been resolved on good terms for us and for the people of Mexico. I thank the President of the United States for agreeing to send us these vaccines,” he said.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador indicated that this new shipment is in addition to the doses sent by the governments of Russia and China, as well as the agreements it has with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, “which has been punctually complying with all these deliveries.”

AMLO pointed out that there are already enough vaccines to continue with the National Vaccination Plan against Covid-19, which will guarantee all older adults are vaccinated before the end of April “at least with one dose. We are doing very well as vaccines continue to arrive and are continually being applied throughout the country,” he said.