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AMLO says security change at Cancun, Cozumel airports part of restructuring

Cancun, Q.R. — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says the change in security at the Cancun and Cozumel International Airports is a restructuring of the systems. Nearly a month after a quietly implemented security change at the Cancun and Cozumel airports, AMLO finally commented.

During a morning press conference, he said the change from the National Guard to the Marina is part of a process that is still being worked on, but that is already in operation.

‘We are carrying out a restructuring of all the systems that have to do with migration and customs so that we can give attention to tourists and visitors as they deserve and also so that there are no extortions,” AMLO said.

He said that the changes in customs will also reduce wait time, so that those who arrive in Mexico can do their procedures faster as well as avoid corruption within these offices.

“Customs will be monitored to ensure that they are not controlled by so-called organized crime or white-collar crime,” revealed the president.

López Obrador said that it will be personnel from the Ministry of National Defense and Semar who will manage surveillance at Mexico airports.

In December, a Colombian national was arrested inside an office of the Cancun International Airport after he became trapped. He told authorities that his attempted escape was facilitated by airport immigration officials after an exchange of money.