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AMLO invites Playa del Carmen environmentalists to National Palace to discuss section 5 south

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has invited environmentalists to the National Palace in Mexico City to talk. The invitation was made late Thursday after initially refusing Thursday morning to meet.

“No, because they have a political purpose and I am not going to play their game,” he said during his morning press conference.

However, later in the day, the invitation for those interested in discussing the Playa del Carmen section 5 south train route was extended. The invitation was made toward members of the Selvame del Tren movement to talk “to see what your concerns are and I will clarify,” he said.

The group openly accepted the invitation on the condition that the President himself attend the discussion.

The condition was made after AMLO said he would have local Ejidos represent him in the event he had to travel to Quintana Roo. “I am going to name a representative. It is better that the peasants of the Jacinto Pat Ejido represent me. I am going to send them a letter to see if they want to represent me and attend to the real and fake environmentalists,” he said Thursday morning.

He reiterated that he will defend the project and will not expose himself “because they are also very angry, inventing things. Imagine serving the entire Cide group, Krauze, Aguilar Camín, how am I going to convince them?” he added.

Earlier Thursday, AMLO rejected their invitation to come to Quintana Roo saying these “celebrities have a political purpose.” Later, he announced he would speak with them only if they came to the National Palace in Mexico City.